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Ideas On Keeping The House Cool During Summer

Summer is around the corner. The season is known for its punishing heat that can be difficult to cope with at its peak. Since most people are staying at home these days, it is important for the house to remain cool and comfortable. Otherwise, it would be difficult to work or study for the people inside. Even older people who may be retired will still need cooler temperatures not for productivity but for health. They are more susceptible to heat stroke due to extreme temperatures and they can’t really go out right now for relief. Below are some ideas to consider:

1. Improve Natural Air Flow

The fastest way to cool down the home is to use natural ventilation. Take advantage of all the windows that you have to let air move in and out. It would be best to draw the curtains and open the windows wide in every room. If it is particularly hot, then you may want to open your doors as well to encourage air circulation within the house through passive means.

2. Enhance Attic Insulation

The roof will bear much of the sun’s heat which will then radiate downwards into each room. You can reduce this by enhancing the insulation inside the attic. If you are handy with tools, then you may be able to do this by yourself. Otherwise, get a handyman or a contractor to help you with it. They can provide advice about the best insulation for your roof type, regional climate, and budget.

3. Use an Electric Fan

An economical cooling solution is to use an electric fan in each room. These fans have blades that will move interior air through their oscillation. They are great for those times when the heat is unbearable and the wind is weak. It’s best to sit or lie down in front of the fan for direct cooling. You can make the motor work harder for the blades to rotate faster and thus blow more air in your direction. They tend to attract dust from the air so keep the rooms clean and use machine oil for maintenance.

4. Deploy a Dehumidifier

Summer isn’t just about high heat. It also creates a humid environment that makes us feel sticky because sweat cannot readily evaporate into the already moist air. This can be remedied through the deployment of a dehumidifier which will lower the moisture level indoors and make us feel cooler in the process.

5. Install an Air Conditioner

Lastly, think about installing an air conditioner which works by absorbing the heat inside the house and dumping this outside. The effect is a gradual cooling until indoor temperatures reach the desired settings. This could be a large central air conditioning system or a ductless air conditioner with one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Ensure you use the team at Lowe Air, or a similar a/c installer in your area, for the best results.